Man Overboard IPA
SRM: 7  IBU: 64  ABV: 6.3 %

If you love an IPA, then try this one.  Driven by some of today's most popular hop varieties, this IPA boasts citrus and grapefruit tones while maintaining a clean and smooth taste throughout.
Coffee Stout
SRM: 35  IBU: 35  ABV: 5.5 %

Too delicious to describe.  We teamed up with another Mooresville “brewer”, Black Powder Roasting Company, a coffee roaster right here in Mooresville.  We’ve used their Dynamite brand concentrated coffee to create a truly great beer.  Some folks have said it tastes like a great beer with a dessert, others just drink it any old time.  Equally popular with the ladies as well as the men.

Dockside Blonde Ale  
SRM: 4  IBU: 20  ABV: 4.3 %

The flavor of this American styled Blonde Ale carries itself tall and svelte while maintaining it’s overall looks and wholesome tasting sensation.  Five hop additions introduced throughout the brewing process rounds out this beauty for the perfect blend of balanced hop notes. 

Raspberry Wheat Ale  
SRM: 5  IBU: 25  ABV: 4.7 %

A light and refreshing wheat beer with just a hint of Raspberry flavor.  It is a very popular choice in the tap room.

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Seasonal Craft Beers

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BassAkwards Brown Ale  
SRM: 21  IBU: 33  ABV: 5.3 %

If BassAkwards  Brown Ale isn’t the best brown

ale you’ve ever tasted, you can go jump in the lake. Lake Norman that is, there are several public ramps and one state park.

Outboard Amber Ale
SRM: 14 IBU: 29  ABV: 5.1 %

An excellent malt backbone with roasty hints of caramel propels this full flavored and deep amber-red colored American Ale into the shorelines of the lake.

Pontoon Pale Ale
SRM: 6  IBU: 37  ABV: 5.5 %

Time to hit the lake!  We have launched this lip-smacking, wave crashing American Pale Ale with a fresh hop aroma, light bitterness and a beautiful golden hue that is sure to keep your boat afloat.

Wakeboard Wit
SRM: 4  IBU: 16  ABV: 5.4 %

Our traditional Belgium wheat beer.  If you like a certain colored moon with a tint thats glows green when mixed with yellow, then you’ll like this beer."    

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Our Beers


Propellerhead Pumpkin Ale

A fall season pumpkin edition is just perfectly balanced and drinkable. - not too much on the spices, not too pumpkiny, just right!
Dockmasters Double IPA

A hoppy, high gravity for the die hard hop heads
Dockside Imperial Amber Ale

Probably our sleeper beer that needs to be brewed more regularly.   We receive the most outspoken and positive feedback on this high gravity amber ale.  Perhaps one day it will be our signature.
Raftin Obe (aka: Smoking motor) Amber Ale

When’s the last time you had that outboard serviced?  A traditional American Amber beer with (choke, choke, sputter, konk) an extra dose of smokiness that blends perfectly with the malt notes.

We try to have at least eight beers on tap at all times.  Due to incredible demand and our small batch brewery, it’s tough to keep everyone happy!  We rotate in styles from time to time so that there is always something interesting to experience.  We also recently started serving beers from other awesome fellow North Carolina craft breweries.  Come check us out for a pint or perhaps a growler to go!  We fill your growlers, too.

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Anchor Down Session IPA

We adapted our Man Overboard IPA to be just a little easier on the palate which resulted in an smooth drinking summer-time IPA.
Oak Aged English Outboard Amber

Our Brewmaster took our Outboard Amber recipe and made two adjustments - insertion of real oak wood chips into the tank and an English Ale yeast in place of our American Ale yeast.  A very unique and great tasting beer is the result.
Orange Sunset Pale Ale

A crisp pale ale brewed with orange peel
High Maintenance Blonde Ale

A 7.0% imperial blonde ale based upon our Dockside Blonde recipe.

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